Ruen Thai Exclusive

Swedish Massage
Swedish or classic massage is based on long, gliding strokes to provide a restful, stress-busting experience for all ages. Uniquely, our therapists use healthy, moisturising coconut oil for a smooth, flowing massage. The ideal introduction to massage.
Thai Traditional Massage
The therapist gently stretches the body into a range of positions according to a standard protocol adjusted to the client’s needs. The customer wears loose, comfortable clothing throughout. Ideal for flexibility, movement and mobility.
Back, neck and shoulder Massage
A massage concentrated on the back, neck and shoulders can be highly effective in relieving soreness, strains and stiffness. Recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for persistent, non-specific low back pain. We also provide effective balms for local pain relief.
Sports Massage
An essential component of any athletic training programme, reducing soreness and aiding recovery, flexibility and performance. Best performed after (not before) an event or training session.
Head Massage
Aims to release stress in the head, face, neck and shoulders. Performed without oils with the client seated and clothed. Ideal for reducing the pressures associated with office work and extended computer use.
Foot Massage
The therapeutic manipulation of the feet, ankles and calves. The client can either be seated or lie on a massage table. Revives tired feet while improving circulation and flexibility. Also effective for overall relaxation and recovery.
Hot Stone Massage
Warmed stones are applied directly to the body and are also used as a massaging medium alongside conventional massage. This classical technique combines gentle heat and massage in a rewarding and relaxing way.
4-hands Massage
The ultimate luxury! Working in tandem, two therapists provide a relaxing Swedish massage. Hypnotic and mesmerising, 4-hands massage speedily delivers an unequalled depth of comfort and relaxation.
3-in-1 Massage
An exclusive blend of Thai traditional, Swedish oil and hot stone massage in a single session to create a varied, satisfying massage experience. If you don’t feel better after this, you never will!
Couples Massage
Share a Swedish massage with your partner, relation or friend in our special twin-tabled room. Two masseuses will provide you both with a restful oil massage while you relax together. Ideal for a special celebration and the perfect start to an evening out.
Triples Massage
Take advantage of our exclusive 3-tabled family room to share a massage with two friends, partners, children or other family members. With adults present, massage is an especially positive, calming and maturing experience for children. Spend quality time with your friends – and experience great value too!